1. I have not studied business, accounting and financial studies, and I know nothing about entrepreneurship. Can I still join the JA Startmeup Summer Boot Camp?
      Certainly. The Organiser encourages participation from students with diverse background in arts, science, commerce, design or technology.

    2. Is there a quota for the number of students admitted for each school?
      There is not a quota. But given the limited spaces, the organizer will seek to admit different schools to the programme.

    3. What is the medium of instruction?
      We shall use Cantonese as the main language of instruction.

    4. Will the programme be very physically demanding?
      The programme will not be very physically demanding but participants should ensure that they are in good health conditions.

    5. When will the $500 refundable deposit be returned?
      The $500 deposit will be returned on 18 July upon the completion of the boot camp.

    6. Can I give my place to another person if I cannot attend after paying the deposit?
      You cannot transfer your place automatically to another person. You have to inform the Organiser as soon as you know that you cannot attend the boot camp.

    7. Can I get my deposit refunded if I cannot attend the boot camp?
      You can get your deposit refunded if you inform the Organiser at least two weeks before the boot camp date.

    8. If I need to leave during the boot camp, can I get my deposit refunded?
      The Organiser will make a pro-rata refund of the deposit.

    9. Can I use the business idea at the JA Startmeup Summer Boot Camp for the 2017/18 JA Company Programme?
      Certainly. We welcome the boot camp participants to realise their business ideas under the 2017/18 JA Company Programme.

    10. Will I be informed if my application is not successful? And will I be given the reasons of my rejection?
      You will be informed whether your application is successful or not. However, the Organiser is not obliged to give the reasons for the rejection.

    11. Will the Organiser waive the deposit requirement if I have financial difficulty?
      The Organiser will consider such request on a case by case basis.